Who we are

The Slingshot Charitable Foundation is a philanthropic 501(c)3 organization committed to improving the greater Dallas and Austin communities by helping future generations achieve through early childhood learning. Founded in 2010, the Foundation is supported by Slingshot, LLC employees.

What we do

Through financial gifts and service, The Foundation strives to support groups who are locally based, believe in the importance of early intervention, and are focused on breaking the cycle of under-achievement by at-risk and underprivileged students.

How we make it happen

We’re funded by Slingshot, the full-service advertising agency in the West End of Downtown Dallas and in Downtown Austin. For each hour that an employee bills, a dollar is put into the fund. Groups that receive donations must provide at least one opportunity during the year for Slingshot employees to volunteer with the organizations to get an idea of where the donations are going. Employees can make a choice to volunteer as a tutor, assist a sports team or other activities at the schools, or provide pro-bono marketing support for the schools’ annual campaigns.

Why it matters

Whether it’s because we grew up here or started families here, we care about these cities and the people in them. The surest way for us to see Dallas and Austin continue to prosper is to educate their children. If we can teach a community’s future caretakers to love education and creative problem solving while they’re still young, they will have a more promising future. And so will Dallas and Austin.